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*climbs up to the rooftops*
*rips shirt off*
*yells to the skies*



Legend of Korra: Book Two Countdown 
Book One: Air; Chapter Five: The Spirit of Competition

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you can now get the sailor punks as sticker/tees/prints: { LINK }

only in white unfortunately 




Hoods for Artemis and Wally because cowls, backpacks for Artemis and Kal because backthings, bracelets for Artemis and M’Gann because gloves, glasses for Wally and Dick because masks/goggles, knee-detailing on Wally and Artemis because knee pads, etc., etc…

And no Conner because he’s always wearing regular clothes anyway. What was I gonna do? Give him trendier jeans?

And then the art style changed….

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I was tending to my mighty want of a Lok beach episode by drawing Korra with a water tribe swimsuit of sorts

but then it turned into Korra dress up with one wearing bridal lingerie welp\


Mariana Dal Carboro

Favourite comic book ladies: Ororo Munroe/Storm
↳ All I can say for certain- at this very moment in my life— is that I refuse to allow you, or anyone, to drag me through the mud… to shatter my belief that the X-Men are a force for Good, ultimately for change. I will not allow the world to destroy us— and more importantly for what we stand for.

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