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peter quill sneakily sneaking in some hand holding while tony’s distracted by tech!!science!!!!!

(for laireshi and nohaijiachi i told u i’d draw starkquill guys :V )


disney challenge [3/9] ladies » ariel (the little mermaid)

i just don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.


OK now it’s done. For some reason the lyrics, “With you, I feel again," from OneRepublic really drove me with this one. Hope you all like it. :)

elsa + smiling ◕ ◡ ◕ (requested by anon)

Endless List of Animated Movie Couples:
Anastasia and Dimitri

DC Universe: Women appreciation post.

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I like how as horrible as this is and as unnecessarily complicated as the plot behind it is, they can’t resist the idea that the very worst thing that could happen to Steve would be that Tony doesn’t really like him.

[From Avengers #31, 2014.]

The Pikachu Evolutionary Family 
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Top 20 Characters (as voted by my followers) → #08: Zuko

"I don’t need luck though, I don’t want it. I’ve always had to struggle and fight and that’s made me strong. It’s made me who I am."

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